Friday, September 29, 2006

And Here We Go Again

Last night's show was pretty tame by Goner standards, as was to be expected. The Hitone was not at full capacity, but it was pretty packed. The real party started for me when I ended up at after party at The Buccaneer (I was trying not to get to drunk while covering the show!) By 2:30, the afterparty was jam packed wall-to-wall with out of towners and it was fun to watch all of the renunions. I got to plunge the ladies toilet and made friends with Miss Linda. At 3:30 the bar was still packed and afterparty after parties were being discussed. I dragged my ass home around 5 AM and just made it out of bed around 6PM. The doors of the Hitone are about to open right now and I still haven't even taken a shower. I guess I better get it in gear - stay tuned! Not only are there a shitload of awesome bands playing tonight - there are two more highly anticipated after parties.

See ya there.

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