Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm freaking out...

I'm here at work. I have exactly 25 minutes before I leave. My leg could have powered a small piston engine from all the shaking it's done while sitting at my desk.
In about 2 hours, we'll be at Goner, setting up the rig in the back. The store will start filling up, and King Louie will play songs and tell tales of adventure.
Last night at the Buccaneer, I met up with Memphis Mike and Pee Wee (from ICU and Passout Record in NYC), Mark from the Chinese Millionaires, Chris Teenager, and another guy from Atlanta, who I'm embarrased to say I've already forgot his name.
The night before last, Viva L'American Death Ray played, and most of the Memphis Goner constituancy was present, packing the little house that is the Buc.
Wiring is laid down at the Hi-Tone and ready for us. We'll be posting music nightly for those of you that couldn't make it.

I'm freaking out.

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