Friday, September 29, 2006

The State of The Fest

So, first the bad news...

It seems Miss Alex White will not performing. Some car problems meant that she and The Red Orchestra did not make it out of the city limits of Chicago... We feel her pain and she will be sorely missed this evening.

But in better news, the Hitone is packed before 10 o'clock which is weird but great for the early bands. Although, I have a feeling by 11 it is going to be really hard to move within these walls, and even harder to get a beer. Good thing Scott Rogers is in love with me. I'm sure to be first served!

Here's some more of our favorite people at the Fest! You should post in the comments who they are, cause I'm already feeling super lazy. Maybe it's the xanax I took. Looks likes somebody may be getting lucky tonight!

In other news, I offered to help somebody get a hook-up last night, out of the kindness of my heart, and the dude asked somebody if I was a narc! High-larious.

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